Instutional Review Board (IRB)

Most anthropology senior projects involve ethnographic research (including observation, participant observation, interviews, group discussions, audio-visual records, etc.) and require IRB approval.

The online application and information are available at the Bard IRB website.

For anthropology-specific instructions, tips, templates, and sample applications, please see the IRB RESOURCES & DOWNLOADS section below.

IRB Website

IRB Guidelines for Anthropology Students

These guidelines are designed to clarify the IRB application process for anthropology students.  There are text boxes throughout, which provide sample language for the application, and a consent form template at the end.  You are encouraged to use these as models, but make sure to adapt them to your project. 

Download: IRB Guidelines for Anthropology Students

Sample App #1

This application was approved by the IRB.  Other examples will be added soon.

Download: Sample App #1

Sample App #2

Download: Sample App #2