Mario J.A. BickLOA Spring 2017

Mario J.A. Bick
LOA Spring 2017

Professor of Anthropology
Contact: 845-758-7217
Program Affiliations:  Latin American and Iberian Studies, Jewish
Studies, Africana Studies

Diana De G. Brown
LOA Spring 2017

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Latin
American and Iberian Studies

Contact: dbrown@bard.edu, 845-758-7295
Program Affiliations: Gender and Sexuality Studies; Latin American and Iberian Studies.

Michèle Dominy

Michèle Dominy

Professor of Anthropology and Environmental and Urban Studies
Contact: mdominy@bard.edu, 845-758-7870
Program Affiliations: Global and International Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Laura Kunreuther, Director

Laura Kunreuther, Director

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Contact: kunreuth@bard.edu, 845-758-7215
Program Affiliations: Asian Studies; Experimental Humanities; Human Rights;
Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Affiliated Faculty:

Maria Sonevytsky / LOA Spring 2017 
Assistant Professor of Music
Contact: msonevyt@bard.edu, 845-758-6822
Program Affiliations: Music

Christopher Lindner

Archaeologist in Residence, Director of Bard Archaeology Field School, Assistant Professor
Office: Hopson 304
Phone: 845-758-7299
E-mail: lindner@bard.edu

John Ryle

Legrand Ramsey Professor of Anthropology
Contact: ryle@bard.edu, 845-758-7676

Sophia Stamatopoulou-RobbinsLOA Spring 2017

Sophia Stamatopoulou-Robbins
LOA Spring 2017

Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Contact: sstamato@bard.edu, 845-758-7201
Program Affiliations: Middle Eastern Studies and Human Rights

Yuka Suzuki

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Contact: ysuzuki@bard.edu, 845-758-7219
Program Affiliations: Africana Studies; Asian Studies; Environmental Urban Studies

Jonah S. Rubin

Jonah S. Rubin

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Contact: jrubin@bard.edu, x7299