Mandy Tumulty, '94

I work as a civil servant for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) managing projects, building cross-organizational coalitions, leading organizational change, and researching and developing initiatives that impact strategic human capital planning and management.

My experience at Bard, as an Anthropology major and Gender studies minor, shaped the way I think and equipped me with the academic training, tools, and one of many lenses with which I view the world and my own experience. During my academic training at Bard, I had aspirations of becoming an anthropologist, yet as I wrote my Senior Project , "Gender, Fieldwork, and the Construction of Knowledge: An Anthropology of Anthropologists", I felt the need to experience the theory in action. As a result, I applied to serve in the U.S. Peace Corps and was sent to Nicaragua where I had the opportunity to experience Nicaraguan culture first-hand, while simultaneously making a contribution to the common good. During my service in Peace Corps, it became apparent to me that I enjoyed managing projects, impacting change, and making a difference. As a result, I began to see that public service might be a rewarding and fitting outlet for the application of my skills and talents. Since, I've added to my academic training with a Masters in Human Resource Development and Human Organizational Learning (HRD/HOL) from George Washington University. Whether in my work as a Peace Corps volunteer promoting environmental sustainability and education or in my work on organizational development and change initiatives as a public servant for the U.S. Federal Government, the academic training that I was privileged to receive from Bard and the anthropological lens from which I filter my experience, cultures, and organizations is foundational to the way that I perceive and process my experience.