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Catalog # 222
Title La Nouba des Femmes du Montchenoua (D)
Series Women Make Movies
Filmmaker Assia Djebar
Year 1977
Subject Symbolic Communication
Format VHS
Region Europe
Description Produced by Assia Djebar. 1977 ISBN: ? Summary Finally available in the United States, this classic film from acclaimed novelist and filmmaker Assia Djebar is essential viewing for an understanding of women in Algeria. Taking its title and structure from the “Nouba," a traditional song of five movements, this haunting film mingles narrative and documentary styles to document the creation of women’s personal and cultural histories. Returning to her native region 15 years after the end of the Algerian war, Lila is obsessed by memories of the war for independence that defined her childhood. In dialogue with other Algerian women, she reflects on the differences between her life and theirs. In lyrical footage she contemplates the power of grandmothers who pass down traditions of anti-colonial resistance to their heirs. Reading the history of her country as written in the stories of women’s lives, Assia Djebar’s LA NOUBA DES FEMMES DU MONT-CHENOUA is an engrossing portrait of speech and silence, memory and creation, and a tradition where the past and present coexist. Descript 1 videocassette (115 min.) : sd., color ; 1/2 in Series Women Make Movies Cast ? Subject * Arab * colonialism * culture [social culture] * history * memory * personal * resistance * woman