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Catalog # 216
Title Africa Speaks (D)
Filmmaker Paul L. Hoefler
Year 0
Subject Culture
Format Digital
Region Africa
Description Produced by Walter Futter Productions, Colorado African Expedition. 1930 ISBN: ? Summary Hear the hoof-beats of the gnus and see a young boy chased down and killed by a lion (sans the screams)was what "Africa Speaks!" promised, and delivered. Filmed on the Colorado African Expedition of 1928, headed by Paul L. Hoefler, this film rose above the 'jungle-graph' films of the past---"Chang" excepted---because of the sound and not the views of the Dark Continent offered, albeit most of these were new views that some of the critics debated over whether or not some of them were staged. It contained: a locust swarm that devoured everything but the expedition camera; a visit to the duck-billed pygmy tribe in which the females of the tribe had discs inserted beneath their lips when very young and, as they grow older, larger discs replace the previous discs; an antelope---called and spelled illampa in the film---that jumps forty feet backward or forward when frightened and some slow-motion shots are used. "Africa Speaks!" showed Africa to be both dangerous and noisy. Descript 1 videocassette (70 min.) : sd., color ; 1/2 in Series ? Cast Director: Walter Futter Writer: Walter Futter Stars: Harald Austin, Paul L. Hoefler and Lowell Thomas Subject Made in 1930. Exploration of Africa by Hoefler. "a thrilling record of life in the Dark Continent" In the same video as "The Snake Goddess"