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Catalog # 137
Title Quechua, the
Series Disappearing World Series
Filmmaker Micahel Sallnow
Year 1974
Subject Culture
Format VHS
Region South America
Description Produced by Granada Television International. 1974. ISBN: ? Summary This film is set in a community of peasant agriculturalists 2 1/4 miles above sea level in the southern Peruvian Andes. Concentrating on a single family, the film explores aspects of religious and secular life. The first part of the film shows a pilgrimage to a Christian sanctuary situated close to the residence of the most powerful of the Central Andean mountain spirits (Apus) illustrating the syncretism of Catholic and pre-Hispanic local religious traditions. This film portrays the Quechua of the village of Camahuara as being in a sense sealed off from the rest of the world, but it also shows how their way of life is integrated with the Peruvian economy. It has been criticized for emphasizing that the desire for change is coming from inside the traditional society rather than being forced on it from without. Descript 1 videocassette (51 min.) : sd., color ; 1/2 in Series Disappearing World Series Cast Director: Carlos Pasini Anthropologist: Michael Sallnow Subject Southern Peruvian Andes Village life and its relation to Peruvian economy