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Catalog # 103
Title Artisans and Traders (D)
Series Out of the Past 3
Filmmaker Jay Rayvid (executive producer)
Year 1993
Subject Occupations
Format VHS
Region multiple
Description Produced by Pennsylvania State University and WQED/Pittsburgh. 1993. ISBN: 1-55946-757-6 Summary Explores the link between economic and cultural evolution. Hunter-gatherers and early agriculturalists had simple divisions of labor, but today people make a living in many ways. The proliferation of occupations and the extreme economic interdependence of today are the result of increasing job specialization, causing society to continually undergo restructuring Descript 1 videocassette (60 min.) : sd., color ; 1/2 in Series Out of the Past Cast Jay Rayvid, Executive Producer. Marc Pollock, Coordinating Producer. Subject Link between economic and cultural revoulution as seen in specialization: ISBN 1-55946-757-6